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All Songs Too Soon|Too Late
On My Way
#679 in Pop SongVault Certified
On My Way
Too Soon|Too Late
Adult Contemporary
Length: 4:33
On Network Since Apr 14, 2007
Russell Howard
SongVault Certified Artist Russell Howard

North Carolina, United States

Adult Contemporary / Singer/Songwriter

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With four years of performing under his belt, Singer/Songwriter Russell Howard set off to the studio in Summer 2006 to record 'too soon|too late' with the help of engineer Bob Gentry. For the most part self-produced, 'too soon|too late' is marked by the musicianship and integrity of Howard's musical upbringing, while showcasing his one of a kind alternative pop/rock sound with "the perfect touch of blues."'Too soon|too late' finally makes Russell Howard's soaring voice, masterful guitar work, and absolutely unique sound available to music fans everywhere.

"Howard's music is heavily influenced by Sting and the Counting Crows and has a jazzy/pop/rock sound much like that of John Mayer."

- Times News, 03/08/2007
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