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Jealous Girl
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Jealous Girl
Length: 2:47
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Rotten Cheri
SongVault Certified Artist Rotten Cheri

New York, United States

Alternative / Punk

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Rotten Cheri is a Brooklyn, New York based Rock band. Originally formed in 2004 by guitarist Kee Chung, vocalist Stephanie St. Hilaire and drummer Howard Alper, Rotten Cheri’s repertoire includes Pop/Punk and Alt. Hard Rock style songs. Favorable comparisons have been drawn with Rock icons Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Gwen Stefani (No Doubt) and Garbage.

Their first full length CD entitled “02,” produced by Chung and Alper, was independently released in December 2006 and is available on iTunes and The album strikes a balance between the classic Pop/Punk sound and more modern textures and production qualities. Most of the songs focus on the emotional distress encountered during and from failed relationships, of which, each band member had a taste of over the course of writing and recording the album.

Anchored by the youthful energy and sensuality of vocalist St. Hilaire, the punishing guitar work of Chung and the driving hard rock syncopation of Alper, Rotten Cheri delivers a high-powered, dynamic and provocative live show. Venues they have played in NYC include Fontana’s, Club Midway and Don Hill’s.
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