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All Songs Walk Down The Street
Robert Nix Walk Down The Street
#467 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Robert Nix Walk Down The Street
Walk Down The Street
Adult Alternative
Length: 3:57
On Network Since Feb 17, 2014
Robert Nix
SongVault Certified Artist Robert Nix

Ontario, Canada

Pop / Modern Rock

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ROBERT NIX Rock/Pop/Experimental Artist

Robert Nix is a Rock/Pop/Experimental Artist from Toronto,Canada with 4 Albums to his credit:”Some Recordings...”,”It’s A Complicated World”,”Walk Down The Street”,and his latest the 2014 release “Last Day On Earth".
The track 'Give It Up'(from the album "Last Day On Earth") has been posted here to SongVault as well as to YouTube:
The track "Walk Down The Street"(from the album "Walk Down The Street")has been posted here to SongVault as well as to YouTube:

All songs on all Albums are written/performed by Robert Nix
All recordings produced/engineered by Robert Nix as well
All albums are available at both cdbaby and itunes,autographed albums are also available from Nix himself who can be contacted at his website:
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