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She's an easy rider
#20 in Rock SongVault Auditions
She's an easy rider
Length: 2:52
On Network Since Nov 29, 2010
Robert Barlow
Robert Barlow

West Monroe
Louisiana, United States

Rock / Hard Rock

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Robert is out of West Monroe La. He was raised on country and rock and roll. Dad loved his country and mom loved the rock n roll. He's biggest influences are Johnny Horton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Kiss. He not only writes his own songs, he plays all instruments on the recordings as well as arranges and mixes his own tracks in his home studio. He has been playing clubs and festivals for over 20 years selling his CD's to demanding crowds all over the south. His guitar playing has caught the ears of many guitar fanatics who look up to him for his original style and edge. He is looking to write for all styles of music and hopes to sign with a label who thinks he has a freelance spirit that they are looking for.
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