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Renee Zawawi
Renee Zawawi

Pennsylvania, United States

Rock / Pop

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Heartfelt tragic songs are unique & suitable within an album environment where the whole needs light and shade as well as film soundtracks. Renee Zawawi – American singer – songwriter wrote “Mom” after the tragic death of her mother. Renee resembles the classic beauty of Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn but also Renee ultimately resembles her mother who was a medical doctor and was involved in a brain surgery medical research before she died. Renee’s mother death was shocking and caused an international excitement; many unanswered questions and her murder remains a mystery. It certainly caused a lifetime trauma for her beloved daughter Renee Zawawi, ” I searched for my mother all my life and the only time I found her was at her funeral because of her passing.”

The song “Mom” is a cry for her mother who was killed tragically. At her live performances, Renee Zawawi exhibit interesting photograph that she took and talked about how she coped with pain. The song reached #1 at the Independent Music Network Radio as well as National Hits Radio in 2017. The song recalls the 1970 – English musician John Lennon song “Mother”! It is actually a cry to both his parents, who abandoned him in his childhood. His father left the family when John was an infant. His mother was hit and killed in a car accident. The song was #19 on the commercial radio charts at that time.

Renee Zawawi "Legends" studio EP includes, five original Hits: "American Girl", "One Time In Italy"," Mom", "Papa"& "Happy Hour - Radio Edit".
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