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Heating from the ethanol fireplace

In the past, in order to have the desired temperature during the winter, wooden chimneys with a flue used to evacuate the smoke were chosen. At a time when renewable energies are in vogue, new types of biofuel fireplaces have emerged.

The ethanol chimney as its name suggests is an ethanol-based chimney, i.e. combustion is from strong alcohol between 90 and 98 °C. This alcohol is extracted from plants, distilled cereals, sugar cane or beets, to name but a few. The fireplace has a tank into which the alcohol will be poured. A few minutes after starting it, the flames become larger and can take on the orange color of the flames of a wooden fireplace. The CO2 released by this chimney is comparable to that of a candle according to certain sources.

Today many consumers have opted for this fireplace. Its success with the latter is due to several parameters. First of all, it is very aesthetic and also very practical since it does not have a flue. It does not produce any. The user does not have to fear ashes, smoke and even soot. In addition to being very easy to install, you don't have to worry about projectiles like the wood fireplace.

Then for half a liter of alcohol the chimney can last one hour and its combustion results from water vapor accompanied by heat. All this heat is released into the room where is installed for the comfort of its inhabitants. Finally, for some models, wireless remote control is available to increase the intensity of the flames.

Another advantage is that this chimney can be installed wherever you want. Depending on the size and model, it can be mounted on a stand, hung on something or simply placed on the floor. In a word, it is mobile.

For safety measures, it is advisable to use the services of a heating professional for the installation and maintenance of the chimney, because despite all its advantages, there are still risks. The Commission de sécurité des consommateurs (CSC) also points out the risks of fire and even accidents such as burns, because the fuel used is highly flammable. However, it would be prudent to avoid storing other flammable liquids near the chimney or relighting it when it is hot. Note that the heat provided by the ethanol fireplace is insufficient and can not extend throughout a house. Also, the investment is not profitable, because ethanol is expensive alongside other fuels.
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