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Good Morning
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Good Morning
Length: 5:21
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Ras Paulo
Ras Paulo

Louisiana, Germany


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Mystic reggae world ........ Ras Paulo is not just a song writer , or a man with a good song, He is a great entertainer, hot Rhythm and styles.

Ras Paulo Was born in Santo -Antao, Republic of Cape-Verde Islands where the sound of the music is on the air day and night. His father was also a singer and guitar player
At the age of 15, Ras Paulo left Cape Verde Creole for Lisbon - Portugal
lived in Lisboa for many years.
He was found lost in Lisbon city for many years, Listening too diverse music styles,
Always on the go with friends, going here going there singing and laughing innocently, his friend found out that has a nice voice and should ground an band to develop his music talent, saying You definitely have a lot of talent.
Im really enjoying listening to your
And so everything starts, over 20 years ago, Ras Paulo´s went very deep in the music as singer , to get thru in the music scene. He says music free me from my daily stress.

To compare to other Music Makers ,
Ras has wonderful songs lovely, you might fall in love with his sound on the second bar. Emotional lyrics too.
People write him mails like this.

Now that we are connected I want to show you the most words used in music.
for example: yeah, no, baby, heart, tears, in your eyes, smile, break my heart ,smile, happy, love, my god, good, money, sunshine, help me etc.

Music from the heart strait to your soul” Music for peace

A Top singer songs Writer player of instruments and lyrical poetry.

Known as well done. Born in a extended large family.

I am very sure that his music History is not done.

Style: Ras Music /Reggae -World

Easy listening music.

Ras Paulo präsentiert mit sein Band sein Rosts-Reggae-Programm gut Stimmung

Und sorgt für das wahre „peace love and sunshine Feelings...
Der Vollblutmusiker vermittelt voller Harmonie und Rhythmusgefühl sein durchweg positive .
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