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Push Push Pull
Push Push Pull

California, United States

Indie Rock / Indie Pop

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Hello, Hello!
Thank you for visiting the Push Push Pull Song Vault Page.. and WELCOME!

We hope you brought your dance shoes!

Push Push Pull is an Indie/Pop band from Sacramento California consisting of members Peter Clevenger (keys/synth), Gary Kim (guitar/vocals) and Daniel Lim (drums). Push Push Pull was started to further expand our musical influences and to take full grasp of our musical potential.

Currently we are working on producing our first EP which we plan on releasing the summer of 2008 entitled "The Handsome Reward".

We hope you enjoy all the things we have to offer here on our myspace! So keep checking back for updates like videos, pictures, and new songs for you to dance to!

If you ever get a chance to..
please come check out our shows and hangout with us!

Much much much much love
- Push Push Pull
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