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Hold That
#45 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Hold That
Length: 2:41
On Network Since Jul 28, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist Promise

Georgia, United States

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Singing since the age of six in his family's church choir, with the occasional vocal soloist, Promise has been making music with his childhood friend, Nu Phil since they were teenagers. With a failed group to the list of struggles and a poor location in the far Southwest, he set his sights on Hollywood, and again came up short on everyones list. He persevered never allowing his spirit to be dwindle until he was discovered through a family member, who sent his demo to a friend in Atlanta. When his demo hit the desk of the CEO of a new label, Helium 4 Music, he quickly teamed up Ced Solo who has produced several hits for Anthony Hamilton, Heather Headley and remixes for Brandy, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. He is on time and perfect for the new digital age and of music making. We expect nothing but the best from him since he is inspired by the best that ever came before him, Marvin Gaye, Stevie W. Micheal Jackson, Al. B. Sure and R. Kelly. Look out for this talented, hardworking R&B sensation in your world soon.
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