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Proctocare  Clinic
Proctocare Clinic

Maharashtra, India

Adult Alternative

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Piles is one of the most common conditions man suffers from. It is known that nearly 50% of the population suffers from some degree of piles. However due to timidity to show to a doctor or due to haphazard medications and the rampant quackery in this field, patients invariably approach a consultant very late, when complications like sepsis,severe bleeding and anemia occur.
Sometimes due to inaccurate methods of diagnosis even a cancer is missed.
The good news is that with the help of a videorectoscope and colonoscope,
MRI and Manometry a fairly accurate diagnosis can be made and with the precise treatment modalities like LASERS and STAPLERS effective treatment can be given reducing the pain ,bleeding and long healing time
that was associated with the traditional methods of treatment of these conditions.
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