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Slow Train
#117 in Blues SongVault Certified
Slow Train
Acoustic Blues
Length: 2:38
On Network Since Dec 10, 2010
Quiet Place
#197 in Folk SongVault Certified
Quiet Place
New Acoustic
Length: 3:04
On Network Since Dec 10, 2010
#255 in Folk SongVault Certified
Folk Rock
Length: 2:48
On Network Since Oct 6, 2008
Come Alive
#476 in Pop SongVault Certified
Come Alive
Adult Contemporary
Length: 3:29
On Network Since Sep 13, 2011
#566 in Pop SongVault Certified
Indie Pop
Length: 3:09
On Network Since Apr 24, 2013
Twisted Blues
#629 in Pop SongVault Certified
Twisted Blues
Birds & Bee's
Indie Pop
Length: 4:01
On Network Since May 27, 2014
Pierre Opperman
SongVault Certified Artist Pierre Opperman

Western Cape, South Africa

Indie Pop / Contemporary Folk

Listen to Pierre Opperman
Singer/Songwriter from Knysna,South Africa,who won the Best New Artist award,on Pirate Radio of The Treasure Coast,Florida,USA�s 2011 Rockstar Contest.

Pierre started his musical-career as a drummer, at the young age of 12yrs, and played with various bands during high-school years.
A shooting-accident during his military-service severely damaged his right hand/wrist and ended his plans of continuing a career as a professional drummer!
Being a natural musician, he progressed to guitar at the age of 15 and continued his passion for music, by performing in various pubs, booze-cruises and beach-parties, over the years.

Pierre�s song-writing skills were born during a difficult year, in 2000, whilst living in a caravan on the South Coast of Natal, and continued during the latter years where he has been living in Knysna for the past ten years.
Now, with almost a complete album ready, his music has been heard on many European and USA online-radio, and campus radio-stations, including two music-videos on Youtube.
His voice and music-style has more than often, been compared to the likes of David Gray, Cat Stevens, Willie Nelson, and even Roger Waters of Pink Floyd.
In 2000 a demo-album, consisting of two songs, �Who�s to know� and �In & Out� were recorded at Manley Studios, Pretoria.

A self-titled EP consisting of 6 new songs, was recorded at Peace of Eden Recording Studio, Knysna.during 2008
Moneyless; If you Believe; Changes; Motion; Runaway; Desert Light.

In October 2010, Pierre returned to Peace of Eden Studio, to record 3 new songs,
Quiet Place; Slow Train; and �Don�t Say It�
A complete album called �Diaries�, which is a compilation of his bet 10 songs, now reflects Pierre�s life-experiences and journey during the past 11yrs.

3 NEW SONGS HAVE BEEN ADDED, namely "Come Alive", "Unity" and "Twisted Blues",which will become part of my new EP,called Birds & Bee's.
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