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War Wounds
#97 in Folk SongVault Certified
War Wounds
Alternative Folk
Length: 4:55
On Network Since Jul 8, 2008
Say Goodbye Little Children
#269 in Folk SongVault Certified
Say Goodbye Little Children
Alternative Folk
Length: 2:24
On Network Since Jul 8, 2008
Phoebe Blume
SongVault Certified Artist Phoebe Blume

Oregon, United States

Alternative Folk / Singer/Songwriter

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Growing up with exposure to so many different styles of music gave Phoebe Blume the passion to pursue music in her own way. She sang to herself everywhere she went as a child. Every environment offered a melody, every person was a character in a song and every tumultuous childhood emotion was portrayed in a musical form in her head. The only way this has changed through the years, is by an increase in intensity. The need to write and sing is a burning obsession that cannot be ignored.

Phoebe spent the majority of her childhood in rural areas of the southeast U.S. At 12, she moved to her father's cattle ranch in Oregon, where she spent the rest of her adolescence. The open areas that one finds in rural America are important in Phoebe's music. She is comfortable there, and she wants to help guide the listener of her music to these spaces.

Because of the brilliance of classical music that she listened to throughout her childhood, Phoebe was enchanted with the idea of studying opera. She did this for two years as a young adult and received most of her technical training during this time. Following these studies, she began performing both original and cover tunes in clubs. This was a very different experience than the tight constraints of the classical genre, but fun and challenging in other ways. At 25, she was accepted into a music school where she spent approximately 9 more months on classical technique.

After studying classical voice, performing in seedy bars and then trying to make a go of music academically, Phoebe decided to drop back to what fulfills her most musically...writing. Her music now appears on various websites and she received honorable mention in the American Songwriter Magazine Lyric Contest within their January/February 2008 issue for the tune "Congregation of One".

Phoebe currently lives in rural Oregon with her family.
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