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Phil Pacetti
Phil Pacetti

Alabama, United States

Indie Rock / Alternative

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Self Destructing Messengers music can be compared to contemporary bands like Flaming Lips and Radiohead. Their swirling and hypnotic sound is often classified as indie rock, but the band sites many different influences with a range of styles: Pixies, The Beatles, Cheap Trick and Pink Floyd.

Self Destructing Messengers started as a studio project for singer/songwriter Philonious in 2006 but it soon became a four piece group: Philonious on vocals, Kevin on guitar, Mike on bass and Brad on drums (Formerly of The Tiles produced by Steve Albini).

The experimental indie pop music of Self Destructing Messengers is an aberrant blend of organic and electronic instrumentation. Philonious’ lyrics touch on canted political views and spaced out stories of love. Audiences are captivated by the energy of their performance. When they aren’t touring, Self Destructing Messengers are hard at work making noise in their vintage studio Glenwood Recordings.

Here is what The Nooge of WestSideWill Radio has to say about the band: “It isn't often you come across a band that knows exactly how they want to sound, and then pull it off like Self Destructing Messengers. This isn't a band trying to rip-off any mainstream group. They are original! They do an amazing job of being who they are and letting the music show the listener exactly what they want them to see. Anytime music speaks to you like SDM’s it’s saying the right thing.”
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