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Sea of Satin
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Sea of Satin
Strangely Familiar
Adult Alternative
Length: 2:53
On Network Since Nov 19, 2008
Phil Bearce
SongVault Certified Artist Phil Bearce

San Leandro
California, United States

Adult Alternative / Alternative Folk

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Phil Bearce is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose blend of Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country and BlueGrass music has created a signature sound that frames the past thirty years of his career. Born and raised in Napa, California, and spending the majority of his teenage years residing in San Diego, California, Phil was heavily influenced by such industry legends who include, David Crosby, Michael Hedges, Stephen Stills, Paul Thorn and Ralph Towner. These artists inspired Phil to write introspective lyrics that are a direct reflection of his heart and feelings. Each song usually stems from an inciting idea or image that presents itself to Phil in his daily excursions. The raw emotion that exudes from great music, has served as the artistic ingredients that Phil used in recording and releasing his two, full-fledged, studio LP's. In 1999, Phil recorded an album, This Feels Like Home, alongside his band, Pale Moon Sky. As Phil performed with Pale Moon Sky, before live audiences throughout the 1990's, he was preparing himself for solo success.

In 2007, Phil released his debut, solo album, Strangely Familiar. The album was recorded in his home studio, and mastered by Sienna Digital. Eavesdropping on conversations being had on the street, at the supermarket, and even in shopping malls, Phil's musical artistry peered through lyrics that were based upon everyday life and circumstances. Phil has been privileged to have a track from his catalogue used as soundtrack music for the WB showcase, Glory Days. As Phil embarks upon a small tour with Country Grunge, he will be given an opportunity to share his music with an increasing cross culture of listeners; garnering new fans along the way. As Phil Bearce is working on the release of a collection of instrumental tunes, tentively titled, Phylosophy, it has become his ultimate dream to continue creating and singing for as long as there exists people who will follow along and listen.
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