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Break The Broken
#9 in Rock SongVault Certified
Break The Broken
What Lies Beneath The Bottom
Length: 4:36
On Network Since Jan 1, 2009
Saturnian Sunrise
#72 in Rock SongVault Certified
Saturnian Sunrise
The Episode
Length: 3:22
On Network Since Apr 23, 2011
No Fallback Plan
SongVault Certified Artist No Fallback Plan

Ohio, United States

Rock / Alternative

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Live your life with No Fallback Plan. To NFP that says never give up on what you love to do. Success for me isn't money or fame specifically. Every time I get any email, or come accross a new website that somene created either just for us, or sites that simply have NFP mentioned somewhere on the page as a band they enjoy, it means the world to me. Musicians and artists put their comlete heart and soul into some of their projects that come to them from time to time. When inspiration hits and something is created and rises from those is almost like I brought something new into the world. And when I pour my heart and soul into lyrics that are honestly hard to put on paper sometimes, and you guys enjoy, to me that is what I live for. I simply want to give pepole that feeling a song gives you when you relate to it so well that chills bolt through your body.
My life isn't all peaches and pawmtrees right now, and this site along with all your support makes some days a little easier, so thank you to all of our supporters!

~All I can give you guys that know the band locally is that NFP is coming back check the myspace, our youtube. NFP is far from finished with what was started!

Looking for a new reason and a new destination

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