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San Francisco
California, United States

Punk / Alternative

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No Nothing Party

Wanna feel good? No Nothing Party is here to throw the party. The band's attitude is really simple: “Music makes us feel good.” And the music of these punk rock maestros makes their listeners feel good. Really good.” No Nothing Party infuses its songwriting with infectiousness and an irresistible sense of rock and roll vibes that will get any venue bouncing. Punk is everywhere but GOOD punk isn't always easy to find. Lucky for you, you've discovered the No Nothing Party.


Having discovered the No Nothing Party, there's no way you'll ever forget this stuff. Nor would you want to. No Nothing Party's punk-injected rock goodness is musical energy of the purest kind and its half-life is forever. Which is to say, this music ain't going anywhere. No Nothing Party believes that quality music will stick around, which means No Nothing Party will be hanging out for a long while. “Like classic cars, good music will stand the test of time.” And like classic cars, No Nothing Party is pristine punk power.

Don't' Doubt

Those who doubt No Nothing Party's magnificence need only examine a brief list of some of the heavy hitters in the scene for whom No Nothing Party has opened. We could say that that No Nothing Party has been privileged to share the stage with some rock greats but it might be more true to say that these artists were the privileged ones to have No Nothing Party get the party started for them: TSOL, Swinging Utters, GBH, Lagwagon, A Wilhelm Scream, The Lawrence Arms, Bullets to Broadway, Unwritten Law and The Dead Pets. Just to name a few.

Music and More Music

With 2006's “Who Is the Criminal” fresh out of the oven, these hard-working rockers are already chipping away at No Nothing Party's second album, a full-length whose release will be followed by mucho touring to support the purveyance of such terrific tunage. So put a big red circle around this summer on your wall calendars, cuz that's when the next apocalypse hits. It's a one-two sucker punch of album releases. As one member of No Nothing Party puts it, “If you're not writing music, what else are you doing?” No Nothing Party is currently working with A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“The punk rock scene will never be the same.” - A&R Select
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