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Nick Matthews Band
Nick Matthews Band

Tennessee, United States

Blues / Rhythm & Blues

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The Nick Matthews Band is a Texas/Chicago style Blues band. They bring their own sound and style to cover songs, as well as original songs. If you’re looking for a band that can kick any event into “high gear”……The Nick Matthews Band is that Band!
When it comes to music, they have no boundries and their music knows no boundries, making them the perfect “fit” for any festival, party, bike rally, club, or corporate event.
Three time nominee for IMN Group of The Year Winner of IMN Impact Artist of The Year Nominated for 2012 ICMA Band of the Year Nominated for 2012 & 2014 ICMA Musicians of The Year
Their album – “Blues From The Wild Side” - climbed to #25 on the APD Global Top 50 Blues charts….and they had a #6 hit on the IMN indie charts with Born Ready".
They record on Showtime Records and are managed and booked by Stage 2 Attractions… email: phone: 615-476-1844 or 615-854-4707
Sponsored/Endorsed by: Jagermeister, Climax Moonshine, Spector Bass, and Knucklehead Guitar Strings
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