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Nelly Stharre
Nelly Stharre

Roseau, Dominica

Reggae / Rock Steady

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Music for the Soul

The question of whether culture can be separated from politics has been asked time and time again without any conclusive answers. Over the last twenty five years Governments have come to realize the tremendous power of music, regardless of the genre.

Entertainers have also realized how crucial a role they play in the advancement of socio-political, religious and economic issues that affect millions of people internationally.

Thus in this time an entertainer can either be the voice of the people, a perpetrator of hype and propaganda or a conscious analyst, whose mission is to inspire and educate all who come in contact with his or her music.

As an entertainer one must accept the responsibility that comes with having the power to sway opinions, and to influence the behavior of mannerism of thousands of people through one song.

Nelly Stharre music through her sophomore album "Soul Country" established as a social commentator of exceptional relevance, especially in these crucial times. Born in her native Dominica, Nelly's introduction to music was a song entitled "Wake up Mike" a song written in the heat of general elections in Dominica in 1989.

The song was intended to make Dominicans laugh at the unrealistic promises of politics. However, the song was categorized as being a classic.

Nelly says she hails from the Nature Island of "Waitukubuli", which was later 'rediscovered' and named Dominica by Christopher Columbus. Born in 1974 the year the dread act was passed, under the tribe of Joseph in the month of February. "They call us "Revolutionary Babies"

At fifteen years old little Nelly Stharre had become an household name, that was associated with bringing about a new Political awareness to thousands of Dominicans young and old. As a child Nelly grew up in a home where music was ever present. Her favorite artists included the late Nina Simone, known for her unapologetic stance against injustice and racial discrimination.

Nelly's other favorite was Billy " lady day" Holiday who wrote a number of indelible chapters in Jazz and whose anthem " God Bless The Child that Got His Own" inspired millions, Nelly Stharre Included.

Her music is a unique amalgamation of world beats and fusions, that to date has produced an exquisite and exciting blend of "One Drop reggae", with songs like ..Prick an eye..,..Building Bridges" and "Inside Of Me" from her RainJah collection." Poor In My Pocket" and Peace In The Middle East" from her latest album "Soul Country."

"Soul Country" was produced by the inimitable Clive Hunt, who has also worked with other French artists such as Alpha Blonde from Cameroon, Pierpoljak out of France, Boukman Eksperyans Haiti's leading band, Kreyol Syndikat and "Rai" music Star Khaled from Algeria.

As a Rastafarian Nelly has brought musicians to their feet at Dominica's World Creole Music Festival, the St Lucia Jazz Festival, In Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Grenada, Miami, London, Trinidad and and the "Reggae Sumfest" in Jamaica.

She brings to centre stage an attitude that comprises a sense of purpose and an authenticity as a Caribbean woman. Her music also echoes and fully endorses her versatility. As an exceptional Reggae, Jazz, Blues and world Beat artiste, who's understanding of Caribbean culture has made her very special. Nelly is also fluent in French, English, French Creole and Jamaican. Nelly is married to Govan Wiggan, a Jamaican who plays an active role as manager and administrator, of their Calabash Heights International Records" based in Jamaica and Dominica. Her music has always been ahead of it's time; her new clear approach to music in general has influenced forward thinking artists throughout the English and French Speaking Caribbean.

Singer Songwriter, Entertainer and Musicologist, Nelly Stharre's Music brings into sharp focus an in-depth understanding of Reggae and RastafarI. She also demonstrates on albums such as " " Soul Country that she has an international awareness of the power of music especially Reggae check her out.

"Music is the weapons of the people with no guns and ammunition"
Nelly Stharre
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