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Nate presendieu
Nate presendieu

lake worth
Florida, United States

HipHop / Rap

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Every artist has a unique story of the trial and tribulations they experienced to become what he or she is today. Many kids who grew on the wrong side of their suburban areas realized that the opportunities to succeed weren't going to be handed to them so they made due and took every opportunity they was to achieve. For Boi Soulja it was no different every opportunity to do wrong was in front of him, many of his peers were already going in the wrong direction and heading there fast. Born and raised in Palm Beach County, Florida, Boi Soulja grew up in a mid sized city called Lake Worth. In the late 80s while Soulja was still a toddler his parents moved from the south side of Lake Worth "the slums" to the more quite and peaceful north side. Soulja attended North Grade Elementary School, where he was considered a minority student. Soulja gained great social skills and an incredible vocabulary. Soulja states the experience gave him one up on most folks. "The ability to play on both sides of the field". Not to say Soulja was a problem free child. During his last year of middle school when his parents were breaking up, he started to hang with the wrong crowd. What most would call juvenile delinquence, Soulja called friends. By High School, Soulja was having problems in school, dealing drugs, running the streets and even got shot at. After many slight brush offs with death and even getting arrested, Soulja thought it was time to change his strategy and find another way to get rich. It wasn't long before he realized that a career in music would be his opportunity. His decision to go into music faced opposition from all his peers who really didn't feel he had what it took to make it in the industry. Learning as much as he needed to know about the music business he decided to start his own company. As the south began earning recognition in the Hip Hop Industry, so did Boi Soulja. His name began to be mentioned in Hip Hop circles amongst those in Palm Beach County. After his release of Fallen Soldier, a tribute song to some of his friends who had passed, and P.B.C. Boi Soulja extended an invitation to Berry Pierre "Swo The Voice" a childhood friend" who quickly seized the opportunity and in January 2006 Lost Child Federation (LLC.) was officially established. Boi Soulja is currently preparing for his debut album Hustla at Work, which is certain to make him one of the most sought after artist in Palm Beach County. From beginning to end the album features club hits like Prove It, and It's All On You while supplying the needed songs for radio like Camel Toe and With You. The album features a guest who-who's list in Palm Beach County, which will make his transition into the hip-hop elite smoother. With the mind of a hustler and the business savvy of a CEO, Boi Soulja plans to take over the state of Florida, the south and all other regions starting from the bottom up.
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