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Carving Out the Universe
Adult Contemporary
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Nadia Hope
SongVault Certified Artist Nadia Hope

New York
New York, United States

Indie Pop / Adult Alternative

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What you Need to Know About Nadia Hope
(Or: "A press kit without all the press")
By Michael Pfaeffle – Producer and Friend

Nadia Hope’s music can be best categorized as “New Age meets Alternative”. Her vocal style on top of ambient, acoustic, and electronic sounds blended with danceable beats result in something that’s “almost pop” – but geared towards a more modern and artistic following. She’s been compared to Tori Amos, a mild version of Bjork, Everything but the Girl, Sade, Noah, Alanis Morrisette, Enya, Evanescence, Portishead, and even Madonna. Spiritual undertones within her lyrics combined with her honest views about life and the deep love we can experience as an advanced culture will give intent listeners something to reflect on and be inspired by. From the onset, the album was never intended to be a collection of #1 hits. Nadia’s intent was simply to be openly creative, write in the moment, and do what felt right for the mood of the song. The end result is a collection of songs amongst which every listener will find a different “favorite”.
The project’s true beginnings started in early 2005 when Nadia sought out my help at my facility (Quantum Recording in NYC) to mix five previously written tracks recorded elsewhere. What started as a simple mix-down project turned into a much larger endeavor. The tracks were tweaked and adjusted with new parts added and some parts removed – but always designed to keep the feel Nadia originally intended. As that work progressed, Nadia chose to write and produce additional tracks with me resulting in eight more songs.
Nadia’s intentions are, simply stated, to get the music heard by listeners craving something deeper and different – I think she’s hit the mark musically – and hopefully you’ll agree!

In working with Nadia, I’ve reached several conclusions. The energy that she exudes in the studio is consistent with what she writes about. She is positive, inspiring, and caring. She also has a work ethic that’s caused me many hours of lost sleep. Always pushing forward, it was often difficult to find a point at which we would “call it a day”. Not afraid to show intense enthusiasm, she’d often be dancing about the studio, re-decorating the place to suit her mood, and burning enough incense and candles to heat a small home. Speaking of “not afraid”, I think these two words define her. In both words and action, Nadia is not afraid to say what she feels or do what she wants. There’s an inner strength in her that makes her shine and her music definitely portrays that. She is a true romantic and hopefully that comes out in the music as well.
The music itself is her creation. I feel I’ve simply been an instrument through which her emotions have spoken. She has that sort affect on people – she’ll sway you in her direction whether you realize it or not. Even with me being as difficult as I am, her patience ultimately rewarded her with songs that (I hope) truly met her expectations.
Nadia has plans to keep writing of course, but also intends to perform live around the NYC area with a full complement of musicians. Her acceptance and praise on “e-venues” such as MySpace Music has been high which leads us to believe that she’ll do just as well live. Obviously, this first record release is a taste of more to come - and hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to keep sharing in her musical endeavors!
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