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Trap lane
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Trap lane
HipHop / Rap
Length: 5:32
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Mzimasi Tshemese
SongVault Certified Artist Mzimasi Tshemese

Utah, South Africa

HipHop / Rap

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My stage name is Mzie i was born on 1997 January 08 in Tsolo, Eastern Cape, South Africa and I go to school at Tsolo high school.

My real name is Tshemese Mzimasi, I started rapping 5 years back when I was 14 years old.I first worked with a very lazy and nasty producer .The following years I moved on to a very good producer called dj Nitro .I started performing as a solo hip hop artist in 2014 on the talent show that was hosted in my town

Life to me means loyal friends and family who trusts you.And also if there is no music it means there is no life because music is what I eat so without it I can starve and die.Sometimes I like going to the shows with my niggas.

Starting from next year I want to look for a college or university that is situated in Johannesburg because that's where everything is.I want to meet the people who do the same thing that I do ,those that will be helpful in my career.

As I said that I was born in Tsolo , Eastern Cape and I lived the whole of my life here so next year I would like to move into Johannesburg city.I hope you enjoyed reading my story! !!
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