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Movin' K
Movin' K

MI, Italy

Rock / Alternative

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MOVIN’ K are a rock band coming from Italy with a ten-year long experience in Music World.
They give through their songs a strong message of social care and deep introspective search. Through the exploration of pain, mystic stain and through the strongest emotions plunged in the ocean of one’s soul and heart, they wish to lean people towards the stimulation of an important spiritual evolution.
MK music is a whirl of energy, freedom and sweetness that cross the wide fields of their inspirations (Peter Gabriel; Sting & Police; U2; Toto; Prince; Pink Floyd; Dire Straits; Jethro Tull; Bruce Springsteen; Jimi Hendrix; Mozart; Bach; Beethoven; Keith Jarrett).
A never-ending need to write and compose makes possible the realization of an amazing repertoire (about 150 songs of which 70 recorded) and the production of several demo CD and record projects related with the members of the band.

Movin’ K is the brand new project of the original members of BLACK RIDERS, a band with a high-level artistic and musical background tested through years of live concerts and important stages (Mazda Palace - Rolling Stone - Propaganda - Rainbow - Palalido - Binario Zero (MI) – Castle of Vigevano); festivals (Festival dell’Unità 2001 - Prog Fest 1999); and great performances (support band for Porcupine Tree - Ustmamo). Riders spurred a strong interest aroused by the originality, the quality of lyrics and music, and the great charisma and involvement that the band excited in people who joined their world. An interest that can be verified in the articles and reviews about their live performances and about their demo CD, the awards and the great number of MP3 downloads in the web, especially from North-Europe (see Black Riders’ web site for details). Black Riders have constantly renewed their sound, keeping unblemished their originality and message.

Words rejecting banality to reach the dens of heart and soul of people who read them.
Pure provocation merged with moment of wisdom; instinct and feeling; visions of Light and explorations of darkness; a scream of freedom shattering silence and loneliness of life.
Movin’ K create a sensation and can catalyze the attention ‘cause no one does what they do.
A different point of view, a new life style, a new choice. MK exist ‘cause there is a need of them.
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