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Punjab, Pakistan

Rock / Pop

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They lyrics are some of the best I've seen this side of Roger Waters, David Bowie, Eddie Veddar and Thom York...I was so taken in by the quality of song writing I suddenly realized how unimportant the music sounded... I must say, the breath and vision and kind of word play and imagery used by Moby in his lyrics does suggest a musician who is not in it just to live out a short rock boy fantasy...

(Nadeeem Farooq Paracha, noted Pakistani music scribe,in his review of Corduroy's 2004 LP )

Moby Noor - Vox, Lyrics, Compositions, Arrangements and a cast of revolving musicians

Been playing original rock music for around 7 years now, most of it with my old band 'Corduroy'. We did fairly well in a country indifferent to meaningful music(Pakistan); sold over 1000 copies of our 2004 release, 'The Morning After', received the TMA award for best english music video of 2006 for 'Leeway',signed a merchandizing deal with VOODOOTEES Pvt. Ltd In 2006 as part of Corduroy; we were the only underground band in Pakistan to have such a deal. At the end of our run, we even got signed by a local record label (Indispensable Communications), but sadly by that time,Corduroy as a band had reached its natural conclusion.

The dis-banding didn't deter me from continuing to do music on my own, in fact its allowed me to further explore my individual influences in music as opposed to operating within a band template. My latest accomplishments have been:

1 .Being made Artist Of The Week in May 07
2. 'Soulpilot' & 'In Transit' made tracks of the day on in the blues rock and groove rock genres respectively (first week of September 07).
3. In September 07, 'Soulpilot' & 'In Transit' were also nominated for the 2007 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Music Awards in the International Rock Song category.
4. 'In Transit' hit #1 on Songplanet Radio's Top 40 Songs Played By Live DJs charts for the period Nov 13-27 2007, and then hit the top spot again on Dec 5 2007.
5. 'Escape Artist' a DJ Pick of the Month (Nov 07) on Songplanet Radio.
6. Best Male Solo Artist (Pakistan) at the 2007 Music Aid International Music Awards.
7. 'Soulpilot' hit #1 on Radio's Rock Indie Hit Radio charts (12/18-12/20 2007)
8. Supreme Lyric Execs Inc, a music licensing firm operating out of Toronto, Canada recently accepted 4 of my original tracks for inclusion in their music catalog.

If you're on myspace, give me an add at:
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