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All Songs Celine Carroll/Mike Mattera 2008
I Fell In Love With You
#1 in Easy Listening SongVault Certified
I Fell In Love With You
Celine Carroll/Mike Mattera 2008
Easy Listening
Length: 3:41
On Network Since Feb 26, 2009
Without Your Love
#13 in Easy Listening SongVault Showcase
Without Your Love
Lounge / Vocal
Length: 3:37
On Network Since Dec 21, 2012
Mike Mattera
SongVault Certified Artist Mike Mattera

New Jersey, United States

Country / Contemporary Country

Listen to Mike Mattera
If you like folksy country music, you will
like Big Country Mike Mattera. Songs like
"Doo-Doo On You" remind tourists not to
feed the sea-gulls. "Pills Pills" if what you
eat don't kill you, the cost of your pills will....
and the latest after the hit TV series
"Deal or No Deal" - I want it all..."
A product of the 60's and 70's folk era.,
Mike grew up playing music from the
Everly Brothers, Peter Paul & Mary,
John Denver, John Prine, James Taylor,
Jackson Browne, Harry Chapin and
many more....
Played throughout the Northeast
at colleges, resort towns, and county fairs,
under the name Michael Shoemaker...of
"Shoemaker & Holly". Music greatly
influenced by surroundings, and many
songs depict events with a humorous
edge. Other songs explore the path of
growing up, life's expectations,
experienced failures and success with
love, friendships, health and faith.
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