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I'll Stand 4 U; Stand 4 Me 2
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I'll Stand 4 U; Stand 4 Me 2
Damn Near Definite
Length: 3:58
On Network Since Nov 15, 2007
Mike Cassetta
SongVault Certified Artist Mike Cassetta

Los Angeles
California, United States


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When Mike Cassetta calls "Damn Near Definite" a state of mind, he is completely sincere. It's that feeling that you have deep down in your gut when you're voyaging to uncharted territory, and the horizon looks quite daunting . . . but the promise of a better future pushes you forward. He wasn't sure he'd have the resources to make an album, travel across the country in a van run on vegetable oil, or sustain a lifestyle in the sun. But he was Damn Near Definite that it could happen, and that was good enough for him.

Mike Cassetta's music is full of the diversity that arises from searching for alternatives to conventional expressions. He strives to unite direction and affection in all his works, and harnesses the dichotomy as fuel for creativity. Nature is his nurture, and, though grounded, the sky is his future. Mike views himself as a sponge determined (destined?) to wash his window to the world. Long burdened by the weight of a critical consciousness (and, in turn, conscience), Mike finally decided to drop his apprehension and get on with his expressions with the release of his first album, Damn Near Definite. He felt that, after years of evolving his craft, it was due time to stop revising and start enterprising.

His experience as a musician has been somewhat of a vision quest. Kicked out of his first band which he formed during his early teen years, Mike used that fire to fuel his mastery of music. During high school, he played with various wonderful musicians, but never got a solid band off the ground. Mike's early college years were spent partying and playing in a jam band, until he had to leave school involuntarily. Mike took a much needed break from normalcy until he decided to reach back to the old songs from high school to polish and press. Damn Near Definite is a five song EP over a decade in the making, and it's well worth the wait.

Mike moved out to Los Angeles armed with DND in a veggie van packed chock full of his life's belongings. Determined to make the move in style, he got sponsored by Whole Foods Market and refueled with their Waste Vegetable Oil across the country. Now living in LA, Mike is working on music and an alternative fuel infrastructure in hopes of touring to support both.
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