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Might As Well Be Me
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Might As Well Be Me
Might As Well Be Me
Length: 3:28
On Network Since Sep 5, 2008
Mikayla Lee
SongVault Certified Artist Mikayla Lee

Oklahoma, United States

Country / Alternative Country

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Mikayla Lee

Mikayla Lee is a country vocal sensation from Tecumseh, OK. Growing up in what she describes as “the middle of nowhere” outside of the small town, Mikayla learned to ride a bike on a gravel road, and dodge pecans being thrown at her by nearby squirrels. On more than one occasion she jumped in between the family dog and an armadillo, and sat praying in the car after a deer lunged out into the road. The quiet of the outdoors taught her to listen to her own thoughts, and pay attention to the world around her. Being educated at home, she never understood the need to separate peer groups and pick on the weak. Her musical influences came from a father who once performed as a gospel hip hop artist, and a mother who grew up with grandparents listening to Tammy Wynette, George Jones, and Conway Twitty.
At the age of 4, Mikayla began a ballet/tap combo class as a time for activity and friends. Within a year, she was asked to join several competitive groups, and earned a number of titles across the states. However, at just 10 years old, she went to her mom and dad and told them she needed to sing! In the beginning, she managed dance and voice lessons, but her schedule filled up fast with demands for vocal appearances. Eventually, she went back and asked to leave the world of competitive dance in order to pick up the guitar and begin writing country music. Using her gift of movement and stage presence, she quickly took local venues by storm performing well beyond her years.
Mikayla Lee’s debut album, Might As Well Be Me, came as a result of her listeners’ persistent inquiries on where they could buy her music. Still very early in her pursuit of writing, Mikayla completed two songs that were included in the project. One of them, Ghetto Cowgirl, is her personal story that explains why she’s not just country with a little rock-n-roll, but also urban in style and charisma. Other songs on the album come from award winning writers straight out of Nashville. By now, she has wowed listening audiences around the world from small stages at festivals and oprys here in the states to radio stations across the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Europe with her vocal range and skilled intensity. The title track and first single released has seen a remarkable and swift rise up independent and UK charts with no end in sight.
When asked, Mikayla says her goals in life are not only to write music and entertain, but also to remind others one can be active in the community, stay out of trouble, and still have fun while making a positive impact in the world. As an individual she continues to challenge and push herself in daily living and melodic message. Mikayla Lee is proving that her generation has a bright future and she is ready to lead the way!
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