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If U Don't Mind
#47 in Electronic SongVault Certified
If U Don't Mind
Plastic Garden
Chillout / Lounge
Length: 3:42
On Network Since Jun 4, 2007
#186 in Electronic SongVault Certified
Plastic Garden
Trip Hop
Length: 3:54
On Network Since Jun 4, 2007
Michele Moreno
SongVault Certified Artist Michele Moreno

California, United States

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Micheleís stunning vocals have earned her backup singer gigs with the legendary RAY CHARLES and Spainís RAPHAEL. Her singing has also been featured on the acclaimed HBO series SIX FEET UNDER and in films such as RATED X (starring Charlie Sheen) and KINGDOM COME (starring Whoopi Goldberg). Born and raised in Chicago, she moved to the Bay Area then Los Angeles, (with several-month stays in Madrid, Spain and Brisbane, Australia in between).

Now settled in Venice, CA, she has released her debut CD Plastic Garden. Influenced by artists such as DIDO, ZERO 7, BECK and MORCHEEBA, the CD is dreamy, modern pop with electronic and world elements. Zero 7 vocalist and artist MOZEZ calls Michele "A rising star . . . an artist with a unique beauty in her voice. A touch of grace."

Captivating melodies and thoughtful messages make Plastic Garden a standout work. While some of her lyrics reveal dark truths "you're an auto-pilot sitting smoking your smile," Michele also offers hope -- "fell into a rabbit hole and woke up in a different body, now I got a perfect soul." Industry insider Scott Stimpson of Big Mountain Productions says, "Rarely do artists come along that are so cutting edge yet so respectful for all that has come before. Listen once and you'll be instantly drawn into Michele's world, one that's complex with emotion yet simple with statement. A true tour de force."
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