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Cry Baby Blue Featurung Marion Meadows
#134 in Jazz SongVault Certified
Cry Baby Blue Featurung Marion Meadows
Smooth Jazz
Length: 3:44
On Network Since Sep 13, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist Michaele

New York City
New York, United States

Adult Contemporary / Smooth Jazz

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From the time she was eleven years old growing up in a New Jersey suburb and singing
Supremes’ songs into a hand-held brush in front of a mirror, Michaele knew she wanted to
be a recording artist. Her father had started the tradition as a singer and upright bassist
crooning standards at metropolitan venues, and bringing artists, musicians and theater
performers into the family home where Michaele was introduced to the sounds of Sinatra,
Jobim, Nina Simone and Tony Bennett. As a child, Michaele took every opportunity to travel
with her father into Manhattan to Manny’s Music, or to sit in on his Upper West Side vocal
sessions. She moved to Manhattan after high school, and spent most of her free time at
local cafes and jazz clubs, where she was introduced to great performers on the New York
Jazz-Fusion scene. There she met her current Executive Producer, Hoshea Estrada, and the
two began writing together. They spent the next few years in the studio recording original
songs in the fusion rock genre, but always with jazz underpinnings. In order to fully develop
her formidable vocal talents, Michaele began working with renowned vocal coach
Don Lawrence, who remains her coach today.
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