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Left In The Dark w Chrissy Phillips
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Left In The Dark w Chrissy Phillips
The Storm Part One
Hard Rock
Length: 5:27
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Michael Hilder
SongVault Certified Artist Michael Hilder

Victoria, Australia

Hard Rock / Metal / Hard Rock

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With an unashamed love of hard rock music and medieval/ fantasy themes, Michael Hilder has brought to life his Rock Trilogy “The Storm”, alive in all it’s glory and available now…

The first installment of The Storm was released in December 2007 and has since received rave reviews, radio airplay and sales all over U.S.A, Europe, U.K and in Australia. Now the second installment is due for release in August 2009 and promises to be even more brutal in it’s depiction of life in the realm of the Palandical Forest.
"Hilders willingness to try any ingredients he thinks fit to make up his music pays off dividends as the album progresses. All the character dialogue within the musical is convincing and the participants should be congratulated on their role playing. Al Hey - Hard Rock House

Set on the backdrop of the most beautiful place on earth but home to some of the most savage beings ever to walk the land, The Storm is a simple story of one man’s journey to discover the truth of his bloodline. He is the ultimate fighting machine. His father was a mighty warrior from the Norse world and his mother a direct descendant to the greatest Wizard ever to serve the Queen.

“This talented Australian gent throws together about everything great the British classic rock scene of that time generated into twelve impressive gems that makes you wonder if the elapsing of the last 35 years has itself been a figment of the imagination" Dave Attrill - Metalliville
Alone, he must conquer the brutal King and the evil Warlock who serves him…

“Hilder uses both his storytelling and music talents to bring in the characters, so real that you can picture them before you” Marlene Palumbo – Indienink Music

The Story is told on two levels. The hard edge music of The Storm is undeniably inspired by rock pioneers such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Iron Maiden, combined with Michael’s love of the melodic genius of Jim Steinman, Boston, Journey and Queen to name a few…

“Some very good elements do exist in this effort and especially the guitar work that sounds like the late 70’s bands. Worth to mention are also the audio effects during the tracks that help the concept of the album to become more alive” Lampros Tennes – Metal Zone Magazine

Aside from the songs there is character dialogue and special effects throughout the entire trilogy which makes it easy to follow the story from start to finish. From the marching of the armies to the ultimate battle scene, The Storm will keep you enthralled from the opening Thunder Clap on Part One right through to the last gasp on Part Three.

“This is not a CD, it is a movie on a disc, just close your eyes, listen to the album and be swept away” Ritchie Laird – 979FM Melbourne

A talented musician in his own right, Michael performs most of the vocals, guitars, bass guitars, piano and keyboards on the trilogy but has also featured some extremely talented musicians such as vocalist Chrissie Phillips to broaden the whole sound of The Storm. The chemistry between Michael, Chrissie and producer Steve Harrison has ensured a quality production featuring some excellent songs.

“Recently I had the upmost pleasure to discover a very talented entertainer that I feel everyone will enjoy learning more about. Michael Hilder is an amazing singer who knows how to deliver to his fans the music that can pack a punch. If you love Classic Rock music, then Michael’s music is a plus to any true rock fan” Isaac Davis Joseph Jnr – Juniors Cave Magazine

Michael’s fan base continues to grow all over the world and they are as loyal as any rock fans. It is these fans that continue to help push The Storm into every corner of the world, one CD at a time.

“He has something of a cult following overseas and has shipped off CD’s all over the world. Fans from Britain, the U.S and the continent post messages on his myspace page” Megan Hustwaite – The Leader Nespaper, Melbourne

The Storm is available to purchase for only $7.50 with no shipping fee and will be delivered anywhere in the world by visiting It is also available to download or hard copy purchase on hundreds of sites including CD Baby, itunes, Target online stores, Kmart online stores and on the official Storm Trilogy websites.
“No surprise that Jim Steinman was the inspiration for this rock opera, although very different”… Marlene Palumbo – Indienink music
Become a Stormlord today, sign up for the mailing list, check out the official interactive Storm trilogy website and get your hands on a copy of The Storm today, the big production, theatrical Rock experience that looks destined to join the great concept albums of our time…
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