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Mateo Oliver
Mateo Oliver

Georgia, United States

Urban / Rhythm & Blues

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True R&B Artists are a dying breed today. It's a shame, but the present day industry is more concerned with appearance than they are with actual talent. I feel that it's my duty to, to the best of my abilities, bring the MUSICAL aspect back to the game rather than be a statistic. I want to be the first Matéo....not the next so so, and that is the type of mentality that, in my opinion, will give me longevity as an artist and not just a singer..."

Artist, Matéo, is probably one of the most talented young men in the underground R&B Scene. His ear for the unimaginable and voice to match make him a force to be reckoned with. As a songwriter and vocal arranger, his talent is practically unmatched. He is very comparable to the Neyo's of the world. As a vocalist, his pure and timeless harmonies evoke the emotions that only a "real" singer can stir. He has been privileged enough to write collaboratively amongst some of R&Bs "heavy hitters" as far as songwriting goes. Matéo is ,truly, what the R&B world is missing right now. His songs actually tell stories and his writings show that he is not afraid to show the vulnerable side of the male psyche.

Matéo was born in Galveston Island, TX on September 3rd, 1986. The 21 year-old spent most of his early life as any other boy would with the exception of having an uncanny ear for music. Even as a small child, he was able to convey the facets of a song (I.E. Harmonies and Pitch), without actually knowing that was what he was doing. Along side his cousin Jaies, Téo was always showcased during family functions and church outings, even though he was VERY much a shy person.

At the beginning of his 7th grade year, Matéo moved from the small Isle to the big city, Houston. This is where the passion for singing and performing was spawned. He joined the choir at Clear Lake Middle School and quickly ascended to their TOP choir, or "Spotlight Chorus". His director, Mr. Johnson, saw something in him from the day he entered the choir room and timidly release those first initial notes. He INSISTED very adamantly that Matéo continue with choir not just for the credit of an elective, but as a way to emphasis the talent that he saw bottled inside of him. So he did.

Throughout his high school career he stayed faithful to the Choir. They received very prestigious awards and respect by the end of his journey through high school and he was a crucial part of attaining these accolades. Téo was apart of, not one, but two choir classes at Clear Brook High school. The top Symphonic Chorus and the show choir, Company B. There he was exposed to all different genres of music. His directors, Mr. Marcum and Mrs. Griffith, helped cultivate his phenomenal ear for harmony by introducing him to music spanning from Hebrew, Latin, and Classical, and even gospel music. He also became rather well known around the school as..."That Boy That Sings...", as he states laughingly. For him, high school was the birth of the actual Artist Matéo that you see now. Stage fright was challenged and overcome while writing began its development.

Now, Matéo has honed his craft and writing skills being fortunate enough to work with M-Status, The Office/BlackBaby Incorporated(Bryan Michael Cox's Team), TrackKingz(Grammy Award Winners for Georgia on my Mind & Release Therapy: Ludacris), VuduSpellz Productions, KingPens, Adam Canaan(Ciara), X-Plosive Beats, and Many More. He has written songs for Various Artists such as Chris Brown, Brandy, Mario, Cassie, The Making the Band Boyz, and various up & coming artist from all genres of music. He is currently working on his debut album, The Beginning of the Next, which is set to be released nationwide in March '08. This album is creating a lot of buzz within the industry and some say it is the next BIG THING within the R&B world. "I've heard that this album is definitely multi-platinum!!" he jokes. It will feature some of the industry's HOTTEST Artists and producers; A recipe for success! We are all excited to see what the future holds for this budding star and his AMAZING fanbase grows exponentially everyday!!!
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