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Marv Hamilton
Marv Hamilton

Salt Lake City
Utah, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Contemporary Folk

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“Marvmusic” is part folk, blues, roots and Americana, all soul. Earth music, breakup songs, blues and ballads. Slices of life in places like the hills and windblown ridges of the Wasatch mountains or Blackhills of Dakota, an airliner, Cadillac, train or old truck. Wyoming basin and range, a mythical sailing ship. Portraits of characters: an eocwarrior, dogs, a 60’s stewardess, lovers. Emotional journeys: grief, anger, angst and sorrow, joy and hope.

Marv Hamilton learned to sing standing in the back seat of a ’47 Buick while his mother, who sang on the radio in the 30’s, and father, a natural whiskey-drinking baritone, harmonized in the front. Marv picked up his first guitar in 1973 to play along with Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, Byrds, Doors, Dylan and Moody Blues, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, John Prine and Gordon Lightfoot. In 1988, Marv began to play, write songs and perform with acoustic trio, “Vuja De”. (The absolute certainty you’ve never been here before!) Marv released his debut album, “Wing and a Prayer” (acoustic blues, ballads and “Redrock eco-folk”), in 2000 under his own indie label, “Best Dog Records”, followed by his second release, “The Mind Will Follow” (acoustic and electric folk, rock, blues and earthmusic) in 2006. Marv is a three-time winner in KRCL/Founder’s Title Co. Folk and Bluegrass Performing Songwriter Showcase and a 2001 Kerrville Newfolk Finalist at Kerrville, Texas.

Steve Seskin, Nashville hit writer for Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Kenney Chesney and others says, “If you don’t feel something when you listen to Marv, you’re probably dead”.

Susanne Milsaps of Salt Lake’s KRCL 91FM and Magpie House Concerts Series chose “Wing and A Prayer” as best local album of 2000 and says Marv’s “the rootsy, earthy, teller of everyman’s story”.

Of his new record, The Mind Will Follow, the Salt Lake Tribune says ”Hamilton’s folk and acoustic blues songs, whether they be love ballads, political dissections or odes to the mountains where he runs with his dog, have earned him a reputation as one of Utah’s finest songwriters”.

Paul Swensen, in the University of Utah’s alumni magazine Continuum, says, “His songwriting smells of the earth. He has an abiding respect for animals and wildlife. He writes achingly beautiful love songs.”

“Marv Hamilton is clearly an artist who pays close attention to all facets of his art, whether words, music, or performance. There is a polish and attention to detail in this work that is so often lacking in contemporary so-called singer-songwriters. This is work of a quality and class that this reviewer rarely sees. I'd highly recommend to anyone interested in contemporary American songwriting that they give Marv Hamilton a listen.” Bob McKenzie, Soundbytes.

Marv has performed in concerts, restaurants, music and arts festivals, farmer’s markets, theatric productions, peace rallies, showcases, celebrations and on live radio and TV in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts and Canada and has shared stages with or opened for Dave Alvin, Cheryl Wheeler, Chuck Pyle, Steve Seskin, Todd Snider and Firefall among others.
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