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Something to Believe
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Something to Believe
New Eye
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Mark Marshall
SongVault Certified Artist Mark Marshall

New York, United States

Rock / Power Pop

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It’s not always easy being a chameleon. But it certainly makes for an interesting life. And, in the case of Mark Marshall, interesting music as well.

“I’ve worked in warehouses, been a census taker, a taxi dispatcher, a CD-ROM producer, a radio host—I’ve even designed components for robots,” says Mark, who is also a web and print media designer/producer – and voiceover artist.

And like the other areas of Mark’s life, the music he makes is chameleon-like: wildly diverse, meticulously crafted songs that range from radio-ready pop to hard rock, piano-driven ballads to soundtrack-ish instrumentals, futuristic funk-jazz to clubby techno dance.

In a world that likes its musicians neatly tucked into easy-to-understand, ready-to-sell boxes, however, being so all over the map can be a hindrance rather than an asset. But not for Mark.

After debuting with 2004’s limited-edition Merge, in 2007 Mark released its acclaimed follow-up New Eye. A riveting, impossibly varied 19-track set, New Eye was accurately hailed as “hyper-eclectic” by National Public Radio – and runs the gamut from fiery rockers to gentle ballads, old-school pop, ambient instrumentals, and percolating techno.

In mid-2013, Mark released The Other New Eye, featuring remasters of some of the top songs from New Eye – plus some extra unreleased tracks.

2014 through 2017 brought performances with Mister Kick and Spoonbread… and even more recording.

In 2017, he released Born Wired… “I grew up listening to, and loving, all kinds of music… but somewhere in my preteens I got bitten hard by rock ’n’ roll—so I decided to devote a whole album to the little monster.”

His latest release is but another eclectic offering – Let It Go, which was released at the end of May, 2020.

And, yet to come… more recording (he has two more albums in the works.)

“I just want people to feel something when they hear my music,” Mark says. “To get as much joy and emotion from it as I felt when I was making it.”

Something that anyone with open ears and a beating heart will have no problem doing.
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