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All Songs Modern Fairytale Something Of My Own
#16 in International SongVault Certified
Modern Fairytale
Length: 2:58
On Network Since Dec 11, 2007
The Strength I Need
#208 in Pop SongVault Certified
The Strength I Need
Modern Fairytale
Adult Contemporary
Length: 3:52
On Network Since Aug 5, 2007
On This Christmas Night
#18 in Seasonal / Holiday SongVault Auditions
On This Christmas Night
Something Of My Own
Seasonal / Holiday
Length: 4:34
On Network Since Dec 11, 2007
Marina V
SongVault Certified Artist Marina V

Los Angeles
California, United States

Adult Contemporary / Singer/Songwriter

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Russian-born & Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter.

... a young girl who once was a shy kid playing her songs on an out-of-tune upright piano in Soviet Moscow with neighbors knocking on the wall because it's after midnight, and whose piano teacher told her not to write anymore, who learned English by translating the Beatles songs and whose soul cried with joy when she heard the beautiful melodies of Russian folk music, who overcame a lot of adversity and moved all the way to America by herself as a teenager, leaving everything behind to make her music dreams come true.
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