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M OBHILAYO - UGOGO (feat Nostu)
#5 in Rock SongVault Auditions
M OBHILAYO - UGOGO (feat Nostu)
Length: 4:26
On Network Since Jul 11, 2022
#11 in New Age SongVault Auditions
New Age
Length: 5:06
On Network Since Feb 19, 2016
M Obhilayo
M Obhilayo

Kwazulunatal, South Africa


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M Obhilayo (real name Sipho Khomo) is an artist from Durban, South Africa. He was born in a place called KwaCele at Scottburgh, went to a Christian School Ezimbokodweni where he began his love for music.

From a young age he loved writing music and performing at school events. He was inspired by international hip hop artist Jay Z and Local artist the late great R Mashesha. His first studio recording was a song called "Inamba" Produced by DJ Mshana . Inamba went on to be voted as a must on Igagasi FM Radio show segment: Must or Dust.

He has worked with a plethora of artists and producers. The most noticeable being DJ Nkoh ,DJ Lusiman, Emza,, KamaCzza and many others.

M continued doing music with many other artists including Mgarimbe Sister Bettina hit maker.He also worked with X Wise who produced Sebentin for Zakwe and worked with Musiholiqs who produced Ama million for Big Zulu.

In 2012 M Obhilayo released his single called Donsi Coolerbox feat Linda "Mayor" produced by DJ Nkoh. Which sold thousands of copies and streams online. You can find this song on iTunes, Amazon and other digital platforms if you search Mpho n Linda - Donsi Coolerbox.

In 2016 M released his Second Single called S'gubhu feat Which is available on all online music stores and has a music video project on YouTube. In 2018 M Obhilayo worked with DJ Catzico who made famous song for DJ Maphorisa -Oncamnce.

In 2019, M Obhilayo started to work with Triggerman from Bhiza hit song Gobisiqolo, on some projects which ended up not released.

M Obhilayo entered the acting industry and has small roles in SABC 1 drama Uzalo and IMBEWU The Seed on ETV as a background actor.

M Obhilayo is now releasing a brand new single called UGOGO feat Nostu. Which soon will be available on all online stores.
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