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Going Blind
#43 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
Going Blind
Pop/Hair Metal
Length: 5:33
On Network Since Feb 10, 2009
Bitter Crow
#72 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
Bitter Crow
Heavy Metal
Length: 5:32
On Network Since Jul 8, 2009
Tired but Unhappy
#73 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
Tired but Unhappy
Pop/Hair Metal
Length: 5:10
On Network Since Jul 8, 2009
She is the Devil
#218 in Alternative SongVault Certified
She is the Devil
Modern Rock
Length: 4:58
On Network Since Jul 8, 2009
Living Attic
SongVault Certified Artist Living Attic

Uusimaa, Finland

Heavy Metal / Pop/Hair Metal

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Living Attic:

Markus Levander - Vocals
Markus Ullakko - Guitar
Sami Poimala - Keyboards
Jerry Hyle - Bass
Kai Bärlund - Drums
Suvi Ahtikari - Backing Vocals


Living Attic was first formed by Markus Levander and Markus Ullakko in early 2009 as a two-man project. When it became evident their obvious talent and passion could only lead towards creating music in a more professional and productive way, a group of experienced musicians was gathered round to form Living Attic as the band is at present.

Living Attic cannot be compared to the sound of any other commercial band. Their music can be best described as melodic metal with inspiration all the way from pop to jazz.

The following are a few of the many credits received:

1st single ‘Bitter Crow’ was chosen Song of the Week – two weeks in a row – on
Bitter, Tired and Blind snapped the Album of the Week title on past all recording artists released a praising review of the release granted Living Attic a special mention
Soundi and Inferno magazines gave a good reviews to the first promo album.

So far the most impressive public appearance is in the independent film ‘What Became of Us’, an internationally applauded full-length movie now showing in commercial theaters in Finland.

The band has just finished their first ‘!Rock Night With a Blast!’ tour in December ’09, during which the popularity of a band with such a short history was proved: our fans in Tampere were excited enough to throw panties on the stage; in Helsinki the place was packed and the entire bar ran out of beer! According to the long-term staff Living Attic was amongst the most popular – and well-dressed! – bands.

Living Attic is looking toward another busy year as their second tour approaches in February. Current engagements also consist of various competitions and promotional work, along with composing brand new songs.
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