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All Songs Ratz Ressurection The Ratz must Die The Ratz must die
Everybody s got a beef
#335 in Rock SongVault Certified
Everybody s got a beef
Length: 3:59
On Network Since Apr 24, 2011
I used to love you
#466 in Alternative SongVault Certified
I used to love you
Ratz Ressurection
Length: 2:52
On Network Since Feb 12, 2014
The Rain Flying softly down
#14 in Classical SongVault Finals
The Rain Flying softly down
Contemporary Classical
Length: 2:07
On Network Since Feb 13, 2014
A place I'd rather be
#15 in Folk SongVault Showcase
A place I'd rather be
The Ratz must die
New Acoustic
Length: 2:40
On Network Since Feb 12, 2014
Der Maschine Standing on top of the light years
#16 in Folk SongVault Showcase
Der Maschine Standing on top of the light years
The Ratz must Die
New Acoustic
Length: 4:16
On Network Since Feb 12, 2014
#30 in Folk SongVault Showcase
Contemporary Folk
Length: 2:48
On Network Since Sep 9, 2016
Warm and Tender
#28 in Jazz SongVault Auditions
Warm and Tender
Length: 3:02
On Network Since Dec 30, 2010
Little Stevie and the FatRatz
SongVault Certified Artist Little Stevie and the FatRatz

South Carolina, United States

Rock / Singer/Songwriter

Listen to Little Stevie and the FatRatz
The FatRatz hail from Southern Rodentia,a mythical Kingdom somewhere near the Fabled Atlantis. The kingdom is ruled by good King Ratticus and his able court magician The Great rodini, grand wizard of Rodentia and provider of entertaiment magical and musical to the good Kings Court. Little stevie hails from Beautiful charleston,SC the most beautiful and one of the most gracious cities in the United States of America. He regularly communicates with the animals on a non verbal level and has been known to have wild birds land on his shoulder and chat at random "birds are very sentient creatures" The story of how he and the Fatratz came to be is a long and torturous tale best left for Saner Times! many colorful rumours swirl about the Abduction Claims and subsequent introduction to the Fatratz on an alien planet, only those mysterious and much maligned Ratz know the absolute truth of the matter and they're not Squeeking. below is the message Stevie purport's to have brought back from the good king Ratticus of Rodentia.

People of the Planet Earth,I King Ratticus of Rodentia!

send greetings to you from the gentle rodents of Rodentia

we hope to live in peace with you and share our knowledge and science with you.

we hope to trade with you and welcome you into the federation of species as brothers

among brothers.


interruption: gunfire and rat traps snapping in the back ground! screams and squeels

Fire and flames be continued:

Mozart? maybe not. But Pure sonic emotion to be sure!
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