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Lesego Poetic Justice
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Lesego Poetic Justice
Single track
Spoken Word
Length: 1:36
On Network Since Jun 1, 2018
Lesego Poetic Justice
Lesego Poetic Justice

Gauteng, South Africa

Spoken Word / African

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Lesego Poetic Justice was born in 1999 at Jubilee hospital in Hammanskraal. Two years after birth he went to stay at an Orphanage Ministry in Soshanguvhe, & started his schooling at Selelo primary school in Wintervield. Years after... His mother took him back to stay with his family in Hammanskraal, then he continued to study with Mmamotse primary school. In 2012 he went to study at Kgetse ya tsie Middle school, And then continued to study further with Ratshepo high school & matriculated in 2017. Lesego engaged his talent into art at early age first as a poet_(not sure but he was very young). Abruptly when time goes he became an Author, actor, story teller, & a motivational speaker, & poet.
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