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Ready 4 Love
#178 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Ready 4 Love
Length: 4:03
On Network Since Sep 26, 2007
tell my why
#219 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
tell my why
Length: 3:52
On Network Since Sep 26, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist Legaci

California, United States

Soul / Urban

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Founded in 1997, this version of Legaci continues the name that speaks exactly of their goal: To make beautiful, classic music that will inspire people for years to come. Their undying drive and passion for music is what keeps them going year after year.

Jason, Micah, Chris, and new member Del form what Northern California knows as Legaci – A four part harmony musical group that is living up to their name.

“What about…. Legaci”, were the words from their former and late manager Mike Viernes, who dubbed them their name early in their career (1997). Though spur of the moment, (as they needed a name for a radio show they were going to perform on ) they didn’t know that this would be the name to carry them for going on 10 solid years. After the passing of Mike Viernes, Legaci has became more than a name, it was a salute to the martyr of their dreams. It was a concept that Mike Viernes engrained in their minds, “If you work hard, and never give, ‘Dreams Do Come True’.”

Co-founders Micah and Jason have been performing around the country with Legaci throughout the years. Performing at most major venues in California, they have hailed the Bay Area as their home and have upheld Legaci’s fan following. Renowned soloist, Chris joined in 2004 before the release of “Little Black Book”, Legaci’s first debut album. Del joins the group in 2007 from the popular Bay Area band, Next Phaze with a long resume of distinguished accomplishments.

Together they form a sound unlike any-other. With the soulful melodies of groups like Jodeci and Dru Hill, they compliment with harmonies much like Boyz II Men and Az Yet. What sets these gentlemen apart is that they are all Filipino-American in heritage. They are a new breed of American music, and await your audience. They believe they have something to offer America in terms of good music, and they’re here to prove it.

They want to bring back the type of music that made you fall in love with listening to the radio growing up.
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