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All Songs Ridin' The Wave
That Feeling Inside
#147 in Pop SongVault Certified
That Feeling Inside
Ridin' The Wave
Power Pop
Length: 3:52
On Network Since Sep 25, 2008
A Far-Out Place
#292 in Pop SongVault Certified
A Far-Out Place
Power Pop
Length: 3:23
On Network Since Sep 25, 2008
Laurie Biagini
SongVault Certified Artist Laurie Biagini

British Columbia, Canada

Power Pop / Surf

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It all started on August 9, 2006 when Laurie was riding the train home from work. A song that she had never heard before was playing over and over in her mind. She had grown up always having new songs playing in her mind, but never as strong as this one. What made this so special was that she could hear the words and music simultaneously in her head, and the song just wouldn't go away. She went home and saved the melody in the memory banks of one of her keyboards, and quickly typed up the lyrics on the computer. That weekend she decided that this song really should be recorded, and went out and bought some recording equipment and software. That song was "Away on a Cloud", and within a few months of posting it on the internet, she was receiving requests from radio shows to play it on the air. That started the ball rolling and she has been writing and recording ever since. The radio airplay has expanded as well to over 100 stations around the world (standard radio, internet, and podcasts).
Laurie started playing piano by ear at age 5. Her music can be described as melodic harmony pop with a heavy 60's influence. Surf music is her favorite genre. All vocals and instrumentation are done by her.
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