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kuay saelee
SongVault Certified Artist kuay saelee

California, United States

Urban / Urban

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Born in Thailand on August 10, 1985 to Mien parents and migrated to the Oakland California in the mid 80s. Kauy Saelee was always impersonating and singing songs of artist such as Frankie Lymon, R. Kelly, Michael Jackson and Brian McKnight as a youngster etc. At 11 Kuay joined his school choir to perfect his singing skills and to gain performance experience by performing at talent show, assemblies and school events with the choir. Kauy also did solo performances on the road with his aunt and uncles band Hi Fi that is well known in the Asain music industry. In high school he joined a dance group called the Nsyncers that's consist of 5 members that would perform dance choreography mainly to Nsync songs on local television channel number 13 numerous times in his home state Oakland. They would also perform at fundraisers, talent shows and even had they're own mini school tour. But the group didn't last that long because of differences. After the group's break up and the success, Kuay set his sights on forming a Boy band singing group called [One 1 Dream] . the group became famous locally and released multiple singles like [I'm gone be ] [ I don't wanna be alone ] [ My World Revolves Around You ] etc that recieved air play on radio station, featured on multiple mixtapes and earned a spots on other artist albums. The group was offered publishing and recording contracts but never signed a deal because of management problems. As fate would have it, the group separated after 2 year but Kuay kept on singing and performing. As a solo artist , Kuay has recorded over 100 original songs, released 2 albums, had 2 number 1 singles in the R & B charts on soundclick [ I'm so ready ] [ ride with me ], produced, collaborate and song write with other artist. The multitude of genres in which Kuay performs, write and produces provide him with a fluent evolving sound that reflects his passion, dedication and integrity to meaningful music. He is an accomplish singer, song writer and producer with production and song writing credits, on numerous album.He is truly talented, gifted and dedicated to music.
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