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All Songs Ohh So Talented...
Caught Between Two
#17 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Caught Between Two
Ohh So Talented...
Length: 4:23
On Network Since Jun 20, 2008
If Only
#23 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
If Only
Ohh So Talented...
Length: 4:45
On Network Since Jun 20, 2008
So In Love
#229 in Pop SongVault Certified
So In Love
Ohh So Talented...
Length: 4:04
On Network Since Jun 20, 2008
Kimberly Hall
SongVault Certified Artist Kimberly Hall

Miami Gardens
Florida, United States

Soul / Pop

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What some people have said:

Papdolla from Selfmade-Ent, producer/songwriter
"Brace yourself, she got next!"

Easy Mo'Bee, producer
"Kim's sound & style it's jazzy, it's R&B, it's disco, it's a lot of things. I was very impressed with what I heard. I'm definately gonna be working with her."-Yo Mo Bee mang!

MIMS, rapper/producer
"N/A Not Coming Anytime Soon" (My boy is a Superstar now, no time for silly Myspace comments, "DO YOUR THANG MIMS!")

Joe from A&R Select Reviews "Ohh So Talented"

These tracks are a set of smart, diverse, well written light pop, r&b, light rock tracks with a slight lounge aspect to them. The tracks all have radio friendly sounds complete with catchy choruses and soulful vocals. These tracks have a wide range of sounds and grooves. The funk aspect is soft but very evident the whole time. All these tracks are laid back and smooth. The drumming keeps the flow going, along with the bass line of course. The keys, and synths add melody and depth the material. The vocals are a perfect fit for the music and come off very sexy and soulful. The guitars float through the background and keep that atmosphere. The album is filled with smart raps and rhythmically up beat tracks as well. The choruses are catchy and stick with you. This album is impressive from multiple aspects. All in all, well written, performed, and tracked. Inventive from beggining to end.

Ohh So Talented

Sultry R&B vocals set upon a jazzy background of live instruments, whirls you into a summer of love, confusion, and happiness. Kimberly's style of voice is a mixture of Lauryn Hill, Billie Holiday, and Alicia Keys all in one. A very unique artist with a clear future ahead of her.

R&B mistress Kimberly Hall signs with A&R Select

HOLLYWOOD, CA – A&R Select, Hollywood’s hottest indie A&R firm, has announced a new member of the team – red hot R&B artist Kimberly Hall.
“Hall sizzles with electricity,” according to a spokesman for A&R Select. “Her soulful stylings are without peer and she performs with a singular and focuses passion.”
“Music,” Hall offers, “makes me feel alive, like the wind has been knocked out of me and music is the only thing that I can breathe.”
She describes the potency of her impassioned singing as something that transcends the mere physicality of breath and vocal chords, though. “The soul she sings is an experience of the soul,” A&R Select declares.
Says Hall, “Music fills me with a spiritual energy.” Great music never fails to elicit an emotional response, she continues, whether she’s the singer or listener. “Beautiful music makes me cry.”
Every time, she adds.
Following in a grand musical tradition of R&B, Hall’s goal is to move forward with respect for the styles roots but with a new interpretation all her own. “My vision is to create new, exciting and enjoyable music with a vibe of the past. Something fresh and new with a hint of summer and love.”
A key to her success, Hall believes, is what she has learned from a variety of sources. “I love working with different kinds of people. Every producer, for example, that I have worked with has brought me one step closer to the musical person I am today.”
Artistic boldness and musical trailblazing excite Hall and inspire her to push ahead with her own dreams. “”I’m completely inspired by anyone that is daring enough to take a chance to create something new. A fusion of something old and classic with something new has always been successful.”
Hall has performed publicly in a variety of venues. She once received top praise from none other than Christopher Jackson (who played Simba on the Broadway version of “The Lion King”). “Jackson heard me sing once and pulled me aside and said if I wasn’t on Broadway in a year, he’d be surprised.”
“So would we,’ says A&R Select.
More information is available by visiting

Major musical influences range from:Billie Holiday, Etta James, Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, The Jackson 5, The Supremes, Motown Classics, Mariah Carey, Billy Joel, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Joss Stone and Barbra Streisand to name a selective few.

Kim is a singer/actress from San Francisco, Ca & NYC, and currently based in the Miami, Florida area. She's of mixed decent: Colombian.Black.Irish. She has been singing since about the age of 10, and professionally since she was 13. Studying a wide array of music from R&B to Musical Theatre, she moved from San Francisco to New York to further her education and career. While there she has met and worked with many producers which helped her carve out the niche that she so empowers today. From working as a production assistant on movie sets to acting as an extra on tv shows, to working as an intern for talent agencies and theatre companies, she never could keep away from the industry. It was carved into her soul. Kim is extremely talented in a wide array of areas, such as being knowledgeable in technical capabilities. writing most of her work and being extremely driven and motivated when working.
Kimberly's goal is to find someone who sees her musical vision and can help mass produce it to a wider audience, so that the world can enjoy her love and passion for music. Her vision is to create new, exciting and enjoyable music with a vibe of the past. Something fresh and new with a hint of summer and love.
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