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Kevin Wood
Kevin Wood

Round Rock
Texas, United States

New Age / Worldfusion

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"Sacred is being awarded our #2 World album of 2005. Wood's melodic sensibilities, and the ability to blend a variety of styles into a cohesive whole, set him apart from the norm. He has delivered a veritable buffet of gourmet listening. Approaches the catchy sound of Enigma, Delerium, Deep Forest and Sacred Spirit, but without the pop-gloss or heaviness." --Backroads Music

"Winner -- Best New Age Album of the Year" -- COVR Awards

"One of the most uplifting CDs I've heard in many years -- uniting different spiritual cultures in new and exciting ways. It is absolutely beautiful!" -- PJ Birosik (nationally syndicated writer)

"A stunning collage of multi-cultural chant samples, piano, and synthesizers designed to capture the beauty of the world's spiritual traditions -- Gregorian chant and Native American chant. It may seem like an unusual pairing; but combined with Wood's ethereal soundscapes, the sound is reverential and soul-stirring. And it works! Surprisingly well, in fact." -- Music Design

Gregorian chant, Native American voices, and various world vocals are artfully woven to create a rich tapestry of music that channels the wisdom of the ages.

Let the rhythms, the beautiful melodies, and the ancient voices take you to a place of wisdom, peace & sanctity -- to a place that is truly . . . Sacred.
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