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Modern Rock
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Kenneth Fleischner
SongVault Certified Artist Kenneth Fleischner

Mt Druitt, Australia

Modern Rock / Christian

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You won't know what meaningful music sounds like until you bring your story into it. That's the idea that JudahCall attempts to wrestle with each time they put the pen to the paper, the pick to the ax and the wood to the metal. If music transcends gender, race and religion then the craft of JudahCall aims to say more than that which has already been said. 2005 marks the inception of this idea when Ken, Charis, Rex and Leah joined in this conversation of meaning in life, pursuing the chance to speak of their journeys and provoke others with their music.

Inspired by Mutemath, Paramore and Family Force 5, JudahCall's sound is a blend of driving beats, tempered emotion and raw, unconventional sound combinations. Releasing their EP "City" in 2008, this underground band has been featured at local venues throughout Sydney gathering a grassroots following and strong respect from those within the industry. Momentum is clearly on their side as they aspire to bigger venues and exposing their sound and message on the big stage.

The JudahCall sound throws aside what has been done and forges into new sonic experiences, leaving you wanting more.
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