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Justin Marcus
Justin Marcus

New York
New York, United States

Easy Listening / Adult Contemporary

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Justin Marcus is a performer who is gracing the music industry with a singing style that hits all of the musical notes and fills our hearts with the love that he puts into his songs. It is his voice and his phrasings that are invigorating the music industry hits that have helped to shape American music.

Currently, Justin is in the process of releasing his latest album-length CD, Ask Me How Do I Feel . . . which is a rich collection of tunes right out of the American Songbook. Justin has cleverly chosen a few contemporary songs that he adds to the repertoire on the CD. The result is an enhancement that will once again brighten the American Songbook. From some of the classics such as, Letís Get Away From It All, If I Were A Bell, Embraceable You . . . to modern day classics to be -- like, Springsteenís Meeting Across the River and Paul Simonís America . . . Justin Marcus is emerging in the International Music World like a lightning bolt that illuminates a silhouetted night skyline.

Justin Marcus is no newcomer to musical performance. Since his early years he has been an avid student of various musical genres, instruments and his own voice. His musical background stretches across many styles and he has performed all around the United States in nightclubs and halls. With a crossover style that most artists try to achieve, Justinís rich sound and dynamic performance is driving the next American musical breakthrough. Watch out, because Ask Me How Do I Feel . . . will soon be vibrating the airwaves all over the world.

Backed by top players who have performed with Wynton Marsalis, David Bowie, Paul Simon, Cassandra Wilson, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and U2 to name but a few Ė Justin has assembled an all-star group of musicians to accompany, back, complement and punctuate every note that he sings.

Watch out for Justin Marcus. The response to his upcoming CD release, Ask Me How Do I feel . . . is a hot pick around the globe, and the momentum is growing.

How does one describe the voice, style, phrasing, allure, and music of Justin Marcus in four words or less?

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