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World Peace
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World Peace
John Daly Project
Length: 5:03
On Network Since Jul 1, 2008
John Daly
SongVault Certified Artist John Daly

Florida, United States

Rock / Singer/Songwriter

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John has been writing and performing since he was a child. Though not continuous, he has made it a point since 1998 to dedicate his career goals to music alone. John grew up in Levittown Pennsylvania and played in the local club circuit for several years after graduating high school. After moving to Largo Florida he sought out musicians for a new band. After many band line ups and frustrating attempts to collaborate, he decided to hire musicians for studio work. In 1998 he completed his first CD. 2 CDs later and with many more songs lined up, John is proceeding to get his music heard everywhere possible. Though Rock & Roll is his favorite genre, he doesn't want to stop there. John has written Big Band Swing arrangements, Country, and much more. "Classification of an artist seems so limiting to a person that enjoys variety". So he continues to perfect his craft and spread his creation in many directions. Achievements in '09' have his music in a major TV library with broadcast and internet radio airplay regularly. Another creative area being recognized is his videos. John has several low budget videos he has been producing for his material. They're being used on internet radio shows and podcasts throughout the world. Though performing is his favorite and most exciting area of the music business, it's safe to say enthusiasm exists in all areas of John's creative endeavors. John can create on the spot. If an idea or need for a musical part is required, he probably can have pretty good input for it in a short period of time. With hundreds of songs and song parts recorded on tape, he has a wide variety to choose from. John does play out at Open mics, Open jams and guest sings for most of the local bands in the Tampa Bay area when possible. John is also starting to do showcases again and looks forward to performing in as many places as possible in '09'
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