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John Craig
John Craig

Los Angeles
California, United States

Indie Rock / Alternative

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John Craig

If you ask John Craig which part of his life was the most influential, he would tell you it was everything up to today. He taught himself how to play their songs, note for note. He was nicknamed, ‘The Bicentennial Man’ because of the year he started playing (late ‘70s). He began playing in basement garage bands. Later on John played in numerous bands until the Navy came calling and whisked him away for 3 years.

Upon his return in 1990, he began collecting equipment such as amplifiers, processors mixers, guitars, etc…He started going to studios to record, joining bands that never worked out or when life got in the way. He went on auditions in Hollywood in 2004 and 2005 while still working on his own songs. He solicited some help from a songwriter at that time and still has those songs in his possession.

In 2006 John experienced the loss of two mothers and one sister. He put his emotions and thoughts into a new CD titled, “It’s A Dark Rif”.

His lead single is, “It’s A Dark Rif”. “This song relates to Nostradamus’ theme to real life situations, dreams I have encountered, events in the past (large scale) and the predictions that lay ahead. The song relates by attempting to make us realize that tomorrow is a new day, but we must act in the name of peace in order to accomplish it. It also settles the mood, in a sense that we need to slow down and concentrate on making correct decisions in and out of the household for a better tomorrow.”

This entire CD is written as a novel would be. Each track has a progression to it – a story to tell. It is written with emotion, intelligence and also has a few dark undertones. It is loosely based on the Nostradamus theories of predicting future events. You can hear a sprinkle of groups that have influenced him such as Led Zepplin, Rush and Jethro Tull. Yet, he is true to his music with the ability to bring his story to the ears and souls of many. Bravo for his successful transformation a musical expression that I haven’t heard since The Magical Mystery Tour album by the Beatles.

John Craig’s songs are available for purchase at most i-stores along with the following websites:

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A & R Select
West Hollywood, Ca.
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