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Red, Yellow, Black & White
#33 in Talk SongVault Showcase
Red, Yellow, Black & White
Spoken Word
Length: 3:20
On Network Since Jul 29, 2009
JimNCarolyn Barber
JimNCarolyn Barber

Tennessee, United States

Gospel / Talk

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We are the Friendship Trio from Friendship, TN. Our names are Blake Hooks, Jim & Carolyn Barber....We all love God & enjoy working with music. We have a special friendship.. Blake Hooks is a 16 year old. He is a very talented young man. He loves to play the guitar, drums, & the keyboard. He has a girlfriend named Haley. We are Jim & Carolyn Barber..We have 1 son named Jordan (21) & a daughter named Stacy (35)..We have 2 grandson Cody (15) & Cameron (9).. We are "Sweetie & Me" on the CountryRose Show on SoundClick. We do a news report on a country music legend- a little comedy & information about the country music legend. Jim & I (Carolyn) also love sing songs tribute to the older country singers such as Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Wanda Jackson, Jim Reeves, Conway Twitty etc. We are called the JNC SINGERS.
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