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I'm Not Dead Yet
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I'm Not Dead Yet
I'm Not Dead Yet
Length: 5:01
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Jerry Corelli
SongVault Certified Artist Jerry Corelli

Washington, United States

Christian / Christian Pop / Rock

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Since the late 70’s I’ve been asked to send my Bio and Mission statement when I’ve contacted Churches and Christian venues wanting to sing for them. This has, for sometime in my past, been difficult for me to do but I’ve learned that it does need to be done. For me, it’s important that it in no way be phony and filled with hype and superficial banter. So here goes.

If I were to describe my songs I’d say it was mostly “Meat and Potatoes” Christian music. Mostly they’re songs that both Christians and non-Christians need to hear. I don’t recall a concert when there wasn’t someone coming up to me asking, “Why haven’t we heard you on the radio?” My reply is usually, “Because the radio doesn’t play the kind of songs I write, sing and record.”

I write songs about homelessness, addiction and damnation. I write about the world’s only answer being Jesus Christ and that any other path is, simply put, the wrong one. I write about divorce, marriage and family relationships good and bad. My songs tell Biblical stories and paint images of Christ’s suffering on the cross for our sins and they tell of his Resurrection

When asked what style, or genre, I fall into my answer is usually “A little of everything.” I write and sing songs that are ballads and songs with a Country flavor. Songs with a hint of Jazz and songs with a hard edge Rock beat. I use either an Ovation 6 string and Guild Big body 12 string guitar or a piano when one is available.

At times my songs make people cry and at times laugh. At times they make people stand on their feet and clap their hands to the beat. There are most assuredly those times when people have their eyes closed while they run their own video to a ballad I’m singing.

My songs and my ministry are to those who have lived this mortal life. My songs share that Christ has lived what we have lived and he knows our pain. My songs tell every listener that there is not only life after death but that while we are still here Christ is with us each step of the way. There have always been people sharing with me after a concert about which song spoke to them the most. There’s always someone who will say, “That song was about me.”

I’ve been told time after time by Christian venues and Churches that their music outreach is to the young people so they book artists who will appeal to the new lost generation. How they forget about Woodstock in 1969 and that it was 40 years ago. Those who attended, or didn’t but enjoyed that era of music, are now either retired or about to retire. Their generation, along with each decade younger or older, still needs to hear about Christ. There are still lost generations who need to hear the Gospel of Christ and perhaps the only way they might is through music. There are Christians of those generations who want to hear Christian music by someone who speaks to them and can minister to them because they’ve experienced life.

I am dedicated to singing for Prisoners for Christ Ministries and also at Rescue Missions but each Christian venue and each Church on the corner has the same people in them needing to hear the “Meat and Potatoes” music & testimony I bring when I minister.
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