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All Songs Thank You For The Pain
Thank You For The pain
#42 in Rock SongVault Certified
Thank You For The pain
Thank You For The Pain
Length: 3:31
On Network Since Jun 18, 2008
Jeremy Thomas
SongVault Certified Artist Jeremy Thomas

Florida, United States

Rock / Adult Alternative

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Basic Rock Outfit started from the vision Jeremy Thomas had of Elvis's jumpsuit laying on a messy hotel bed. A Basic Rock Outfit is glamorous, tough and could back up the talk and swagger. Well, life is not always formed by silly visions and, the fact of the matter is Basic Rock Outfit is just 4 guys’ that have put their whole heart, life, and soul into the music they create and play. They love to play music every night of their life and, do so with their heavy schedule of 6 shows a week. The band stays continuously busy playing festivals, state fairs, bike fests, concert events, charity events, as well as, club dates throughout Florida. In February of 2007, Basic Rock Outfit finished their Debut CD on Tightnotes Inc. Records. The CD entitled Thank You for the Pain is a collection of rock songs that go beyond the surface of just hooks and guitar riffs. These songs have real meaning and passion behind them and set this release apart from any other recording coming out this year. Yes, they are basic rock songs with formulas, tricks, hooks and giggles but, ultimately they tell a story. The story they tell is a story of love, passion, loss, and re-building. It is a journey through life that we all take as we walk the road of our mortal lives. It is great CDs like Thank You for the Pain that really can make life a little sweeter!!!
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