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Unnamed Pop Song
#144 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Unnamed Pop Song
Phase I
Modern Rock
Length: 4:55
On Network Since Mar 28, 2007
Words of Truth
#148 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Words of Truth
Phase I
Modern Rock
Length: 6:36
On Network Since Aug 6, 2007
Jeremy Head
SongVault Certified Artist Jeremy Head

BC, Canada

Modern Rock / Dream Pop

Listen to Jeremy Head
Introducing Jeremy Head of Penticton, BC - a singer/songwriter who has been obsessively playing music for at least 12 of his 20 years. He plays guitar, bass, drums and sings for his own projects and various side-projects as well. His experience is mainly in folk, alternative and classic rock, his drumming style is a little jazz influenced; but only time and strategic guesswork can tell where his diverse tastes will lead him. He consistently creates and arranges songs that move listeners of all demographics. His attention to detail and quest for perfection overflow from his devotion to music into all other aspects of his life, including his search for enlightenment, and the perfect breakfast. His enigmatic lyrical style is a contrast to his direct, though sarcastic ways of conversation. His passionate musical expression and melodic communication are comparable to his tendency toward heartfelt, enthusiastic debate.

The songs on this demo were tracked all in a day and a half's time, entirely by Jeremy at Vancouver's Greenhouse Studios. Remarkable for a young man, isn't it? Equally remarkable is the fact that the great throngs of dedicated fans he has in his hometown enable him to pay his way through life solely on the merits of his music.

Other highlights of Jeremy's musical journey thus far include the extensive catalogue of original and unique songs he has accumulated, some of which have been featured on several radio stations and are kept in their rotations. He also enjoys performing live at various events in cities all over. At these events, he likes to relax with a beverage afterwards. Who doesn't? Perhaps even you, the reader, would like to enjoy a beverage with him, after his set at a live music venue near you!
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